Welcome to Munyori Press.

This is the website for the independent publisher, Munyori Press. We are based in California, and we are going to publish some of the best writing coming from Africa and Asia. Occasionally, as we expand, we will be making general calls for submission. We will also be publishing annual anthologies for work originally published in Munyori Literary Journal.

5 responses to “Welcome to Munyori Press.”

  1. a good move and support to the ailing writing industry

  2. Leonard Mazodze Avatar
    Leonard Mazodze

    I’m so glad to hear about your wonderful publishing house. I’m a Zimbabwean writer interested in publishing my work with Munyori Press

  3. Distance Chiswe Avatar
    Distance Chiswe

    Pleased to know about the publishing house. It brings a ray of hope to budding writers like myself based in Zimbabwe. Looking forward to a fruitful working relationship.

    1. Thank you, Distance.

  4. David Muriritirwa Avatar
    David Muriritirwa

    My name’s David MURIRITIRWA and i am at the moment based in Southafrica. I am very Well pleased this publishing House exists.I am looking Forward To Work with you and Just Like every writers in Zimbabwe ,i am expecting for people around the world to read my book too one day and the existence of this House gives me Courage,Guts and hopes To create my dream.Keep Up with the good Work.

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